Why Choose Katspar Wellness 

Katspar Wellness Group under it's federally licenced subsidiary 9795855 Canada Inc. is focused on providing our medical cannabis clients with access to group discounted, high quality medical cannabis products crafted by Canada's premier medical cannabis producers.

We offer effective strains for those with arthritic conditions and others who require help with pain and anxiety. We also; as part of our mission donate 10% of our net profits directly to related patient advocacy groups such as the Arthritis Society of Canada, and we offer a 10% discount to all first responders and health care sector workers. 

Our founders are experts in group insurance and health and wellness product development. Our client base consists exclusively of members of non profit affinity groups as well as patient advocacy organizations.

Katspar Wellness will educate and coordinate with you so that you can obtain a prescription for medical cannabis at no cost, taking into consideration any pre-existing medical conditions etc. The Katspar team will also assist you in preparing the necessary insurance forms to receive direct payment for your medical cannabis, or for submission of medical cannabis receipts for deduction on your annual taxes through the CRA. Currently the majority of Canadian group health insurers ONLY approve medical cannabis for the treatment of: multiple sclerosis, cancer, HIV or AIDS, or symptoms related to palliative care.

Katspar Wellness is a federally licensed company and an independent distributor. We have no obligations to any licensed producers. As such we can provide the best selection of products obtained from our vetted industry partners, direct to our clients. We are currently preparing for our November 2020 launch.